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Tanasha Donna Reveals The One Thing She Wants From Mr. Right

by Keta

After a nasty breakup with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha has been pretty lowkey on her dating life and she infact revealed that she wants to focus on her career, business and raising her child.

Although she might not ready to be in a relationship just yet, Tanasha previously mentioned that she is now saving herself for marriage.

But what are the qualities she looks for in a man? The ‘sawa’ hitmaker had been accused of being materialistic especially after her relationship with Diamond was made public; many though that she was there for the money something she denied.

In a recent post, Tanasha has revealed the one trait that she looks for in a man. The singer now says that a man who would wish to be with her should be ready to be loyal.

Some women who are money oriented have not been ashamed to declare that they cannot date a broke man but Tanasha might not be all about what is in the wallet.

The mother of one says that she has grown up to practice financial independence and she works hard to finance her lifestyle and therefore does not necessary need a man who will spoil her with money.

Β “I was raised to hustle like a man, invest in myself & depend on nobody but God. So spoil me with loyalty, I can finance myself,” she stated in her post

Fans have read so much into her post with some speculating that the singer has had experiences of infidelity in her past relationships.

This is one of the rumored reasons why she broke up with Diamond although the bongo artist denied these claims revealing that he had intentions to wed her.

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