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Mr Seed Opens Up On How He Overcame Cheating Scandal

by Keta

Gospel artist Mr Seed has opened up on how he overcame the cheating scandal in which he was accused of being unfaithful to his wife Nimo Gachuiri.

In a Candid interview with Carolina Carlz who hosts the Hot Edition, Mr Seed revealed that it was one of the incidents that hurt him most but he managed to sail through it.

Mr Seed explained that the lady who publicized the allegations by stating that he raped her was paid to ruin his reputation and she even confessed that it was a plot after he met up with her.

” I prayed about everything. It hurt me so much. I do not think there is a story that has ever been written about me that hurt me in that way. I remember I switched off my account and was not on any social media because that issue affected me so much.

“You can imagine people sitting down plotting something against you. I remember the lady claimed that I forced her / raped her and it is a lie. The lady was paid 10,000 Kenyan shillings to publicize the accusations. that was bad” he stated

The former EMB artist also mentioned that the issue would have escalated but he chose not to have any further confrontations.

He also clarified that he has much respect for ladies and therefore he can never attempt to do the things he was accused of.

On how if affected his relationship, Mr Seed said it was quite hard to manage because his wife Nimo learnt of the news online before he heard his side of the story. The couple however managed to pass through the difficult season.

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