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Mammito Blasted After Her Remarks Over Edgar Obare’s Expose

by Keta

Kenyan comedian Mammito Eunice has faced the wrath of Kenyans after she gave a suggestion to Edgar Obare in regard to his platform. This comes after Obare’s recent expose that unraveled Dj Moh’s cheating allegations

In what was supposed to be a comical video, Mammito advised Obare and his fans to expose corruption with the same energy they use to expose cheating partners on their platform.

“What if we used Edgar’s platform to fight corruption 不不不不不
Just a thought” she wrote in her video as she gave her remarks

According to her, ladies should use the same skills to expose men who cheat to uncover corruption in the country. .

Her statement was not well received by Kenyans who asked her not to give suggestions about how others should use their platforms but instead use hers for that course.

A section of Kenyans argued that Mammito has over 1M followers on her Instagram account and therefore she should be the one to expose corrupt leaders since she has a bigger audience.

Check out some of the reactions.


But si u have a platform, fight corruption on your platform


Watu wanagusanga tu Edgar ovyo ovyo expose next ukuwa yao, let me hope Butita is not scrambling for other things in the cover of darkness, otherwise Mamito utabebwa na ambulance kuongezwa maji kwa kiuno


Edgar is just the messenger. DJ Mo destroyed his marriage na mikono zake.#don‘tshootthemessengar


Actually Edgar Obare hana makosa kabisaaa… he is actually fixing this NATION! RULE NO. 1 WHEN YOU DECIDE TO CHEAT and you happen to have an image to protect PLIZ DO IT WITH SOMEONE WHO equally HAS GOT ALOT TO LOSE TOO…. Ingekuwa ni Mimi bibi ya Jalas, Bibi ya Alex Mwakideu bibi ya Dj Moh n OTHERS….. naweza andikia huyu jamaa Cheque kubwa SANA for saving my marriage ones the storm calms down in my house n I can see a big change!!! The slay queens have NOTHING to Lose!!!!! The men have jobs to keep n a lot to lose!


No edgar should continue to fix marriages


You have 1M followers, fight corruption on your own platform.


You have a platform too,fight corruption … I this how she speaks normally or she is still in comedy mood?


Let Edgar be si you have a million followers? Use your platform to fight corruption. Did you stand with Edgar when he was in jail? Tuambie jokes tu

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