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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe Declares LYFT(Nicotine Pouches) Illegal

by Mbaire

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has declared the registration of nicotine pouches popularly known as LYFT illegal and wants them deregistered.

Lyft is a nicotine pouch marketed by BAT-Kenya as an alternative to cigarettes for addicted smokers.

Mutahi revealed that the product was being dispensed in automatic vending machines something which is contrary to the law.

This will be a huge blow to party lovers because while it was a safer alternative for smoking addicts who want to quit the habit, the nicotine contained in the pouches had made a majority become addicted.

LYFT has been gaining popularity among the Kenyan youth ever since it was introduced in the market late last year.

So how do the Nicotine pouches work?

For those not in the know, one takes the pouch and places it inside the mouth between the lip and gums for extended periods. The effects of LYFT can be further heightened if one has been drinking alcohol.

When questioned of after popularity in the market, BAT has always said that the product is a tobacco-free modern oral nicotine pouch and is meant for the adult population.

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