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Dj GeeGee’s Wife Speaks On Parenting Struggles Amid A Pandemic

by Keta

Popular Vlogger/ Youtuber Jasmine Macharia who is famously known for cooking with Jaz has opened up about parenting struggles amid a pandemic.

The mother of one admits that it has not been a smooth road and has had to forgo quite a number of things to keep their son safe.

“Can I be honest? It sucks raising a kid during a pandemic. I can’t even think about all those pregnant mamas or new mamas right now who are anxious about this new normal (Grace to you ❤️)” she wrote in her post

Jasmine also mentioned on how her son has missed out on several activities including interacting with other children, travels and could not even pull a party to celebrate his birthday.

“I keep thinking about all of the things this guy is missing out on because of COVID. The interactions with other kids which aren’t as frequent because every single time you think you can let your guard down, you hear of another case and it’s sparks fear all over again. ” she noted

When the pandemic struck their son Uriah was just 6 months and having to hold back on some activities for over 7 months now has been quite a challenge.

With COVID-19 showing no sign of coming to an end soon many have been forced to adapt to newness and this made the couple come up with ways to maintain keeping safe whilst actively finding make their son enjoy his childhood.

The pandemic has faced a big blow to many sectors with others complaining of job loss, financial constraints among other issues.

The couple recently celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary and remains to be among the admirable celebrity couple.

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