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Captain Otoyo Rubbishes Claims That Othuol Othuol Had HIV/AIDS

by Keta

Milele FM presenter Captain Otoyo; a close friend to the late Othuol Othuol has addressed claims that friends neglected the comedian during his time of illness and allegations that he also battled HIV/AIDS.

The presenter was speaking during his evening show when he opened up about events before Othuol met his death and how they stood in to support him while he was ailing.

Otoyo revealed that when Othuol was diagnosed with TB and was expected to be on medication for 60 days without fail but due to his battle with alcoholism, this seemed like a routine that was quite difficult for him.

His friends, Jalango, Sandra Dacha and Otoyo included were forced to intervene and encourage him to take his drugs but the media personality says Othuol was still on an off medication.

‘Around a year and 8 months ago, he was diagnosed with TB. He was given medication which he was supposed to take for 60 days without fail but Othuol used to drink. He took the medication for a month or so and stopped. Akarudia pombe kimpango and it came to our attention. Jalas, Sandra Dacha and I got mad with him.”he explained

According to Otoyo, some people had associated the TB illness with HIV/AIDS. He however clarified that the comedian only suffered from TB and brain tumor but not HIV/AIDS.

‘ I read on blogs people weren’t there for Othuol… he went back to taking medicine but he was on and off. Some people started saying TB was associated with HIV/AIDS and after doing several tests, he didn’t have aids. it’s only TB,’ he stated

Otoyo also warned people against spreading rumours as he added that death is something that every living thing will go through and Othuol’s time had come.

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