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Yvonne Okwara Tried To Make Me Look Like A Fool – KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua Recalls

by Keta

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has narrated how Citizen Tv’s Yvonne Okwara tried to make him look like a fool in a past interview because of his stand on Netflix.

In a detailed post, the moral police lamented how very few people supported his call for Netflix to be regulated [In 2016] before being officially operational and available in Kenya.

Giving reasons for his resistance, Mutua explained that he was advocating for measures to be put in place to protect children from exposure to harmful content.

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He however faced backlash on his stand and he particularly recalls a heated interview with Okwara who was then working at KTN. According to him, neither the media nor government officials supported his call.

“I was termed as ignorant and was excoriated by the media and top Government officials. I will never forget the humiliating Show I had on KTN with Yvonne Okwara one evening over this matter.

She was trying to make me look like a big fool who did not understand how OTTs operated.” he stated

Mutua who had written to Netflix making his demands said that he was bothered after he learnt that the platform had maturity safety standards for all other jurisdictions, except Africa.

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When he warned that the Netflix unregulated Over-the-Top service was a threat to national security, the KFCB boss faced mockery as many claimed that he was blindly opposing technology.

Mutua reveals that only Francis Atwoli and the KFCB boss sides with him but this was already a lost battle.

This revelation comes after Netflix faced backlash over a controversial film ‘Cuties’ [which many believe sexualizes young girls] hence sparking online outrage with US calling for regulation of the service.

According to Mutua Netflix is one of the platforms that has ruined morality and promoted racy content.


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