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Why I Ditched My Dream Of Becoming A Nun – Betty Kyallo

by Wendy Chembe

TV girl Betty Kyallo is a woman who wears many hats but what many never knew about her is that she once wanted to be a nun.

Speaking during an interview with Churchill, Betty for the first time opened up about why she desired to be a nun and the reasons why she did not end up becoming one.

Betty who grew up in a family of Catholic beliefs says that as a young girl, she always admired how nuns dressed and the fact that they are purely focused on doing God’s work.

She futher revealed that she did not pursue this dream because later on in life, men happened and her perception about celibacy might have changed at that point.

“I wanted to be a nun mabudesco changed me. Walinichanganya wakanimaliza. I used to admire nuns how they looked nice in their white clothes during mass… I was like I wanna be like them hakuna kusumbuliwa na machali. Halafu you serve God… lakini ilikua ngumu nikaona wacha tu nikuwe news anchor I do what I wanted to do. I realy wanted to be a nun maybe Ivanna [my daughter] will be a nun” she stated

Her revelation comes days after she admitted that there are a number of men she is assessing to choose who she might settle with.

According to Betty, Veteran media personality Catherine Kasavuli was her role model and at 23 is when she first went on air.

“I always wanted to be Catherine Kasavuli.I’d watch the news just to see her. I interviewed her on KTN. When I saw her I got so nervous. She was so sweet to me.It was one of my best shows,”she said

Over the years, Betty grew her brand to becoming one of the top media personalities in Kenya until when she quit from K24 earlier this year.

Apart from her media career, Betty is currently the CEO of Flair by Betty and has a fast growing YouTube channel that features entertaining and educative content.

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