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Why Every Kenyan Naturalista Uses Rice Water on Hair

by Mbaire

If you are natural hair die-hard you have obviously heard the immense benefits of using rice water.

For many of us, rocking a wig or human hair has never been our cup of tea. So we desire to have a long natural hair and anything that will make the hair grow is always welcome.

Rice Water: The Cheap Secret To Growing The Longest Hair In The WORLD -  Expert Home Tips

So why do ladies use rice water for their hair? Check out some reasons below:

Hair Growth

During wash day, just after you have shampood and conditioned your hair, rinse your hair with rice water. It helps the hair to grow longer, healthy and strong.

What Most Bloggers Don't Tell You About Using Rice Water for Hair Growth

Rice water has been attributed to helping hair to grow. One cause rice water as hair treatment as it helps in reducing surface friction and making the mass of hair more.

Hair conditioner

When your rice water is ready and you want make a hair conditioner, add a little lavender or rosemary to your rice water and then apply to your hair.

Essentially, you should wait for it to settle for about 10 minutes before washing it off because the nutrients in the water help to balance PH levels and the amino acids help in the volume and strength of hair.

The use of rice water is attributed to a village in China whose women used to boil rice and passed on the it is a tradition to different generations.

Rice water rinses | Naturally Kinky Me

So how is rice water made?

The process is actually pretty simple. You just need to boil your rice as usual and the milky water that the boiled rice produces is rice water. You can use white, brown, jasmine, basmati or any other type of rice for most recipes.

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