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Wabosha Maxine Unveils Her New Business ‘BoshDrip’ [Details]

by Wendy Chembe

Content creator Wabosha Maxine has officially introduced her new venture to her fans as she is set to launch her headwrap line, and Jewellery/Accessory Store.

The 23-year-old rose to fame after several makeup tutorial videos on Youtube and has since grown in the industry after landing several brand ambassadorial deals.

In what counts as a major move, Wabosha expressed her excitement as she informed her fans of her new online business in which she will be selling headwraps as well as jewellery like neckpieces, rings among other items.

Although she has officially unveiled her brand name ‘BoshDrip’ and shared a glimpse of the available products, Wabosha confirmed that the official launch will be on 14th September.

“We are really excited to bring to you the first few pieces in our online shop. Our jewelry pieces have been carefully selected to instantly elevate any look and our custom, seasonal headwraps are simply crowns to be adorned with your head held high. See you on 14. 09.2020 for the official launch” She wrote in her post.

In a detailed Youtube video, the content creator explained the motivation behind her headwrap line stating that it has almost become one of her ‘trademarks’.

On what her clients should expect, Wabosha mentioned that she has made sure that her headwraps are branded and therefore exclusively available on her store.

Her advice to others who wish to venture in such a business is that they should be patient with the process and never take anything personal.

Currently, she is one of the most followed content creators with over 200,000 on her social media platform.

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