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The last 6 Months Have Been A lot- Yvonne Okwara On How Surgery Changed Her Life

by Wendy Chembe

Celebrated Citizen Tv Journalist Yvonne Okwara has opened up on surgery aftermath weeks after she underwent a back surgery to correct a spinal problem.

Beyond her recovery journey, Okwara admits that the surgery has had quite an impact in her life as she feels like a new creature.

In her words, the experience came with a season of newness and she gained a whole new perspective about things while at it.

“I feel like I’ve been born again. Been through pain and scary surgery and now feels like I’m a whole new person. Surgery does that to you. You rediscover yourself, learn new things, look at life differently, hold your loved ones tighter, gain new courage.” she stated

The vocal media personality added that what she went through has given her new energy to do things differently and better without the fear of facing obstacles or making mistakes.

In yet another post, Okwara reveals how she was overwhelmed with emotions during a recent photoshoot as she reflected on how tough the journey has been for her.

However like she previously said, she is grateful that she alive and has had good progress since the surgery.

“So, I have a confession to make: I cried when this look was complete,😭😭 almost ruined my makeup.I was a watershed of emotions. The last 6 months have been a lot, in many ways! I’m glad to be alive and well and kicking, well not quite kicking yet, Lol!”she wrote

On 25th July, Yvonne who has been missing from the screens revealed that she had decided to go for surgery after battling chroning pain for 2 years.

“I’ve been dealing with 2 slip discs in my lower spine. Which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to 2 years now.” she wrote

After the successful surgery, Yvonne revealed that she plans to share her detailed experience in the near future.

Here is her full post

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