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She Should Not Get A Husband who Will Beat Her- Betty Kyalo’s Mum

by Samora Samorai

Betty Kyallo’s mother Julia is praying that her daughter will land a good man this time round as she tries to pull a second try in marriage.

Speaking in Churchill Show’s Journey To Stardom, Julia revealed that she wants Betty to be very careful when picking a man to marry and pray that she won’t get a husband who is violent.

“I hope even in future nobody beats her, that’s my worry. Should not get a husband who will beat her because everything is on her face…’ she said.

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Julia, who has four daughters, was saying this because apparently Betty has been a very unlucky kid while growing up. She has been in so many accident that her man believes she deserves a good man who won’t hurt her.

“When she was in from three, she had a bad accident which broke her collar bone and it was so bad. I used to cry although i could not show her. She used to ask me ‘mummy iko aje..’  she was in Kenyatta hospital for one and a half years and she’s a fighter. She is a nice girl even at school she was always good. She’s a miracle,’ she narrated.

She went on:

“When betty was three years, our househelp accidentally poured hot tea on her. She was okay after sometime.”

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