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Ruth Matete Hints Friends Deserted Her During Turmoil

by Samora Samorai

Singer Ruth Matete’s comeback to social media has been followed keenly by blogs and news outlets in general.

The Singer return to social media months after losing Nigerian hubby BelovedJohn Apewajoye in a gas explosion accident. The case however turned ugly after she was accused of killing her hubby though it was later concluded it was an accident.

In a new post, the singer has hinted that during this tough period, some close friends ditched her.

” It is easy for many to say you are my best friend, covenant brother or sister, spiritual son or daughter or my spiritual dad or mum,” she said on Instagram.

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“Sometimes the storm in your life has nothing to do with you but has everything to do with those around you.”

She went on to address fake relationships saying that true friends always stick around despite what other party might be undergoing.

“We are living in days where to find real people isn’t easy, too many fake relationships and associations,” she went on.

“The only thing that tests this claim is a storm, don’t cry too much when in the storm, don’t beat yourself so hard when the storm comes, don’t run out of the storms of life it’s not always about you, it’s about those around you. You see greatness is something that comes with a great price, it takes too much to rise.”

Though the post is a copy-paste, the singer might be addressing her recent storm which saw friends and even family members turn against her.

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