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Popular Politician Mentions Azziad Nasenya In Senate [Video]

by Keta

Popular Tik Tok queen Azziad Nasenya’s brand continues to earn recognition both locally and internationally since she went viral with the ‘utawezana’ challenge.

In a recent incident, Azziad’s name was mentioned during a senate proceeding where they were discussing about regulating of the TikTok platform.

This came after Nominated Senator Falhad Dikow called for the investigation of the use of the TikTok application and whether it is safe for Kenyans to use it.

Falhad argued that there have been claims that the users privacy is compromised and this is evident as some counties like the US where their President called for it’s ban on the same concerns.

Some of the user information details accesible by the app (which raises brows) include location, contact, age and link to other social media platforms.

In response to her remarks, Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei defended the application saying that just like other applications which can access personal data, users should take the responsibility of using it to promote good values.

Vitu kwa ground ni different", Senator Cherargei says as he opposes Kenya's  gluttonous borrowing » Northrift News

As an example to back his opinion, Cherargai mentioned Azzid Nasenya who is a perfect indicator that such apps can indeed be used positively.

“TikTok is famous among the young people because you can share a short video and in fact, the latest was during Covid-19 where one of the ladies was able to make magical moves on the song “utawezana” ” he stated

The mention of the Tiktok queen is proof that her impact and influence is recognized far and beyond.

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