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Nyashinski Made me Unfollow Everyone – Naiboi Reveals

by Mbaire

Kenyan music star Naiboi has unfollowed everyone on popular photo-sharing app Instagram leaving only his son.

With a follower base of 255k, the Sondeka hitmaker has now joined the train of the few celebrities who follow no one on the same platform.

In a recent interview, Naiboi revealed that Nyashinski advised him to follow his example and unfollow people on his page.

Naiboi confessed that he had been addicted to his phone and would pressure himself after seeing other artists forging higher with their projects.

“There was a time last year, nilikuwa so addicted to simu. I wanted to know what is going on, it was depressing. Juu Diamond ametoa ngoma, wizkid ametoa yake everyday, mimi labda nlikuwa nitoe director akanidissapoint it was very frustrating.” said Naiboi.

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Naiboi added that Nyashinski told him if using his phone would give him so much pressure, he needed to do something about it.

“Nyashinski akanishow kama hii ndio shida si uwachane nayo, na niko peaceful saa hii,” added Naiboi.

Naiboi and Nyashinski seem to be having a great relationship and the duo has since released a banger together.

Their new song titled ‘Black’ champions black pride, and it has been rocking the airwaves ever since it’s release on Tuesday, September 15.

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