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Netizens Roast Comedian Butita Over Cryptic Birthday Message to Mammito

by Mbaire

Comedian Eddie Butita has found himself in the wrath of Kenyans after he sent a cryptic message wishing Mammito a happy birthday.

Kenyans jokingly asked him to declare his love to Mammito as there were enough signs showing the two are dating.

As seen on his latest post, Butita filled his text with love emojis saying:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mammitoeunice❤️ ❤️ ❤️” he wrote.

On September 18, comedian Mammito was showered with love and sweet cuddles from her fans as she marked another year. It is said she was turning 27 years.

Other celebrities made quite a fuss about Butita’s message asking him to officially declare they are an item.

“@weezdom254Wachana na love hearts buda! Mwambie yaliyo moyoni tuu😂” wrote Bahati’s Manager.

Butita’s post comes barely weeks after the pair was rumored to be welcoming their first child, only for them to drain hopes of their online in-laws.

Neither Mammito nor Butita said a thing leaving their fans confused. The couple has kept the status of their relationship unknown but their fans keep guessing it.

Here are more reactions from his post:

@drofwenekeBro just say it!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@rooney_kevorooney Kijana hawezi sema “Happy birthday my love”… Yani akisema ivo huenda akafa😂😂😂

@sheemurage Say it bro, say it… We are Kenyans tutaongea na tunyamaze😂😂

@millymanyaraHehehehe mwite tu love wachana na emoji hamtaambiwa it will end in tears….😊😊HBD Mammitoooo🔥🔥

@austoh_pidzoButita ameanza kufunguka mdogo mdogo😂🤣😂🤣 Finally Le bro amechoka na mapenzi ya kufichana

@abigaelbrenda11Put the emojis into words before it’s too late to say anything.

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