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Mixed Reactions After DNG’s Sexual Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong

by Mbaire

Celebrated events MC Davidson Ngibuini alias DnG has found himself subject of trolling after his recent Punguza campaign.

 The entertainer recently rolled out a youth sensitisation Initiative and advocacy campaign dubbed Punguza , to tackle irresponsible sexual behaviour.

He used a story of a Kenyan lady who confessed of infecting 30 men with HIV and netizens were not happy with it.

In a post seen on Instagram, DNG wrote a long caption asking his fans whether they could tell the lady dressed in a bikini was HIV positive.

“Shocking exposè on the internet streets fam! Aki Ya Mungu!!! Ebu angalia huyu dame??? Team Mafisi! Hii sii inakaa ni mali safi kabisa??? Ata wale mangeos wa Side B hawawezi acha iwapite,ama namna gani wasee??” DNG wrote.

From his long post, DNG ,meant well, maybe his message was not well understood. He tried to localize the situation of how some Kenyan men behave but that clearly was a total fail.

Hours later DNG posted results of a poll he had don asking his fans whether they could tell the same lady was HIV positive. This time, he cautioned his fans saying HIV was real thus everyone should be on the look out.

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“The verdict is out! 95% of respondents said they can’t tell she’s HIV Positive. That means that 95% would have probably smashed. Many would have probably even smashed raw. Many of us have been living reckless lifestyles. That means that we are in this same risk of catching something. I started @PunguzaKE in order to address this problem, because it is imdeed a problem.” Wrote DNG.

Was it okay for him to highlight the story in that even if it was already in the public domain? You decide!

Here are some reactions from his post:

@waash But you should listen to her story and stop stigma calling her” muozo” she is humanand she didn’t infect herself alah, she going through depression… Everyone should take care of his/ herself Bana… Afadhali ukimwi kuliko cancer #stopstigma

@waash_I don’t feel like @dngkenya is out here to bring up stigmatisation but I feel he is out here to bring a wake up call to each one of us that one doesn’t have to be ugly to look positive and that positive pple are allover and it’s up to us to take precautions it’s abstain,use a condom or rather get tested,and I tell you gal if you’ve lived with a family member who’s positive for HIV and AIDS my friend you’ll not prefer it to cancer coz non is lighter ask someone who’s on meds how hard it is to be on medication daily and have always to be on check of time and feeding it’s not easy.
@waash_@winnie_machariaa my two aunts passed away last year bcoz of not taking the meds so l know… This people need a lot of love so they can accept themselves… Again everyone should take care of themselves.
@mary_mbugus Be carefull no one is your keeper, take care of yourselves manze dakika Kumi tu na unaishi na regrets.
@official.wagakira It is very wrong of you to post this, you might be trying to communicate sth, but putting someone down as a bridge for your destination wont get you anywhere. Be warned.

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