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Mabudesko! Betty Kyallo Gushes Over Men In Uniform

by Njeri Wambui
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Betty Kyallo

Social media influencer Betty Kyallo has disclosed she has always had something for men in Uniform.

Betty claimed it was something she noticed with her mother too, since Betty’s dad is a retired Major.

Speaking during Churchill Show’s segment dubbed ‘Journey Series Edition’, Betty acknowledged that her growing up with a uniformed father could have stirred her fondness for men in uniform.

Betty admitted that just like her mother,Julia Kyallo, she has a fetish for men in uniform. There’s something about men in uniform that keeps pulling her. She gets excited even with a sight of them.

“There is something with me about men in uniform.Mimi hata nikiona guys in uniform hata akuwe security guard I must say hi,” added Betty.

Churchill asked the energetic mompreneur whether Kanzus qualify as uniforms to which she subconsciously admitted.

“Hapo umenipata,I didn’t intend it to come out that way,” she replied.

During her interview that was featured at her beauty parlor Betty laid all the facts on the table by being her true self. She disclosed a lot about her personal life, the good and the bad of her life from when she was a little girl to her career.

Betty also revealed she always fascinated by how the nuns dressed and looked sharp in all-white attire and desired to one day them.

‘I always wanted to be a nun….but mabudesko wakanimaliza,” she said in laughter.

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