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List of International Brands Comedian Elsa Majimbo Has Bagged

by Njeri Wambui
I Miss No One.' (She's Kidding. Kind Of.) - The New York Times
Comedian Elsa Majimbo

Queen of monologues Elsa Majimbo has rocked the interwebs with congratulatory messages filling up socials after Rihanna’s brand Fenty recognized her.

19-year-old Elsa Majimbo creatively coined a way to provide relief for netizens amid Covid-19 pandemic.

She made use of her social media and created a buzz by sharing funny content leaving social media users in stitches.

Majimbo is a journalism student with a unique laugh that makes one want to watch her videos for hours on end. Her simplicity makes her likable and gives life to her videos. 

Below are brands Majimbo has worked with as of September 2020:

Fenty Beauty

Recently, Majimbo earned an ambassadorial role with Fenty showing their various sunglasses shades.

The brand must have noticed how Majimbo rocks her black sunglasses as she crunches on snacks.

Comedy Central

In June 20202, Majimbo joined the list of other elite comedians whose work had been featured on television station Comedy Central. The show used her short hilarious videos the entire month of June.

Mac Cosmetics

In May 2020, Majimbo shared on her social media pages that she had officially joined the MAC family. From her video, Majimbo could not hide her joy after receiving a gift hamper.

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