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Leave Those Boys and Go Solo! KRG the Don Advices Miracle Baby

by Mbaire

Dancehall artist KRG the don has advised Sailors Gang member Miracle Baby to ditch his mates.

In his Instagram post, KRG cited that Miracle Baby is destined for greatness but he will only do so without the other members of the group.

In a long caption he wrote;

“This could be “us” but wakafanya ile kitu….. 🤓That’s why I respect @petermiraclebaby you tried your best!!!! Leave those boyz n Go Solo. You will make it big time Trust me bro… I will walk by your side until you stand on feet strongly,” said KRG.

KRG promised to give his full support to Miracle Baby only if he agreed to go solo.

Could KRG be meaning well? Or is he paying back?

You see, over the past few days, there has been a back and forth between Gengetone musicians Sailors and dancehall artist KRG the don.

Nyandus Lyrics - KRG the Don, Sailors and Dj Lyta - RALINGO.COM

KRG could not stand at shade thrown at him through Sailors latest hit Chepukati featuring Majirani.

Though the song was later pulled down from YouTube, KRG still seems bitter and his latest post would be taken as a tease.

It is not certain whether the two (Miracle Baby and KRG) have ventured in a new song together, but either way, this is all KRG has wanted since they released ‘Nyandus’.

Netizens, however, have criticized KRG’s advice to Miracle Baby some saying that would kill the entire group.

@dero_coconut_Sailors without miraclebabay it’s like hotel without food😂😂😂😂😂😂

@stevelethal True story, Miracle baby is sailors, minus him there’s no Sailors😅

@musa_sunaq They must have wasted your money big boss

@baba_tanasha Miracle baby ndio amesimamia sailors we unaskia chepukati venye anaianza poa mmi n simba _______ akiwa na krg hapo kando anamake it solo

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