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Lanes! Elsa Majimbo Collaborates With Rihanna’s Fenty On Sunglasses Campaign

by Wendy Chembe

Comedian Elsa Majimbo is setting the bar quite high for other Kenyan comedians after she earned recognition on several International platforms.

Counting as yet another successful move, Majimbo’s content has been shared on one of Rihanna’s owned platforms Fenty Beauty.

In her Instagram page, Majimbo confirms that she partnered with Rihanna’s brand to work on a sunglasses campaign.

“Just a @FENTY campaign for my best friend @badgalriri. Rihanna doesn’t necessarily know that we are bff’s, but that’s okay, she will one day.” she stated

In a tweet, Fenty shared a video of Elsa rocking FENTY sunglasses while capturing her comical content.

In the video, Majimbo jokes about being Rihanna’s childhood friend and the pride behind owning the Fenty sunglasses which are clearly quite pricey and associated with the upper class.

“I wear Fenty me and Rihanna are practically childhood friends. You call her Rihanna, I call her best friend” she stated in the video

A pair of sunglasses costs from a minimum of 250 USD to 500USD which is equivalent to 27000-54000 Kenyan shillings.

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Her content being on such a big platform is a win for her considering that it pushes her brand even further. The comedian thanked Rihanna’s team for trusting her vision and agreeing to work with her.

Other than FENTY, American singer SZA recently showed Majimbo some love after posting her content on her Instatory. This was also huge considering that the popular singer has over 7M followers on her platform.

Speaking of International recognition, Majimbo was also featured by Guardian, New York Times, CNN, BBC and several other platforms who praised her comical skills.

Her content blew up at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic although her journey started years back. Currently, Majimbo has over half a million followers on her Instagram page.

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