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Kate Actress Celebrates Njugush in Cute Emotional Post

by Mbaire

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has appreciated her long time friend Blessed Njugush in a sweet emotional post.

Kate shared on her twitter that Njugush is the reason why she is reaping social media gigs.

Njugush meets wamaPupuu!!! Anajifanya hanijui. - YouTube

In her tweet, Kate was grateful Njugush held her hand and showed her how to navigate through social media.

“An appreciation tweet for @BlessedNjugush , i am literally living off social media gigs because you held my hand , you showed me the ropes .you are appreciated litu bro,” Kate tweeted.

Kate actress is currently enjoying a following of 1.5 million on her Instagram, almost 100k Youtube subscribers and let’s not talk about her brand endorsements.

The two have sustained their relationship something that is quite admirable something the creatives.

Here are some reactions from her post:

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