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Janet Mbugua shares Life Plans

by QMG

Former TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has revealed her life plans and prayers.

Given the way 2020 has been going, prayers are a necessity and Janet hopes things will get warmer as we go. She took to social media to share several pointers of what she’s praying for and a few changes she hopes will come in the new future.

“Things and moments I’m loving and looking forward to, now and in the near future: 1. My never-ending quest for peace of mind, even if it means being somewhat aloof at the moment and making tangible strides towards feeling like myself again,” she said.

She also asked for new roles in her project and most of all, celebrating her kids’ birthday which are in a few months.

2. Being open to hearing the sides of a story I’ve not always agreed with but learning a whole lot from.
3. New projects and roles I’m undertaking in the menstrual and reproductive health space (can’t wait to share with you all!).

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