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Jalang’o’s message to Anita Nderu After Recent Announcement

by QMG

Comedian and radio host Jalang’o has reacted to former radio host Anita Nderu’s revelation that she’s a lesbian.

Nderu opened up yesterday on social media saying that she has been trolled for confessing being an LGBTQ+.

“I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ,” Anita tweeted.

During their morning on show, Jalas reacted to the statement saying she should stop announcing her moves because people will always attack.

Jalang’o also wondered why Anita and other LGBTQ members always think it is ok to rub their sexuality on people’s faces.

“Anita is my friend, bestie, just like someone asked, why do LGBTQ community always go rubbing it on our faces?

“Straight people don’t go shouting and telling people that I am straight,” Jalang’o said.

“You do you quietly in your personally space and you will even enjoy it more. From now on people will be looking at her differently. What’s all this show? ” he said.

Anita’s comment went viral as Kenyans reacted differently. Some encouraged her while most bashed her for being a lesbian.

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