Home Entertainment I served my Mother-in-law for 7 years as a House Girl – Akothee Reveals

I served my Mother-in-law for 7 years as a House Girl – Akothee Reveals

by Mbaire

Singer Akothee who is a great example of grace to grace, has disclosed that she served her mother-in-law as a house help for seven years.

In a recent instagram post, the mother of five shared a video while she was lifting goodies and placing them into her car.

Dressed in a matchy ‘maid’ attire, Akothee let her fans know that she was used to doing the lifting and perfected the skill while working as a house girl.

“I served my mother-in-law for 7 years as a housemaid, nothing is impossible,” read part of her post.

In the past, Akothee has disclosed that she can survive any situation thrown to her.

Though she is thriving in a posh lifestyle at the moment, Akothee revealed that she was doing all this while her ex-husband, the father of her three daughters was in school.

Singer Akothee heartbroken, says adopted son lied to her about his family

The president of single mothers has always given her story as an inspiration from getting married at a tender age and broken marriages, the singer is a true definition of strength of a woman.

In another post Akothee claimed is naturally a strong person but sometimes a slight emotional imbalance will have her off her feet. This message came after she hinted people were not concerned of how she was holding up after losing her sister-in-law.

“I am naturally a strong person, my strength comes from within since I realized No one will do stuff for you but you 🤷, so any slight emotional imbalance takes me off my feet,” said Akothee

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