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I regret posting my ex-wife on social media- Raburu

by Samora Samorai

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has come out to share that posting his wife ex-wife Marya Prude on social media is something that he regrets till now.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva, Raburu confessed that posting his wife on social media left him low from how Kenyans reacted. According to the presenter, Kenyans trolled them for no reason something that made Raburu learn an important lesson in privacy.

“I love and respect Mary and I don’t blame anyone who spoke bad things about the whole issue because I am the one who exposed my relationship to the world in the beginning. I was the one who used to post her on social media doing this and that,” he told Willy M Tuva in the interview.

Is Willis Raburu living separately from wife?

Raburu said that he has now understood why singer Nameless and Wahu took so long before posting their child who has just turned 13.

“If I chose to be private, (like the way we knew about Nameless child the other day at 13years). But that is not also an excuse for those who spoke ill about it.
I have learnt to put my life in private,” he said.

Asked why he has never opened up on why he divorced his ex-wife, Raburu gave a repeated answer that he has used in all the interviews he’s been to.

“I told myself the only time I will speak about it is when Mary will be next so she can also respond to what I will say,” he added.

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