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Huddah Monroe Reveals She Made 5 Million From Platform Linked To Adult Content

by Wendy Chembe

When Huddah joined the Only Fans platform, many bashed her and questioned her morality and values. However month later, she proves to her fans that it is indeed ‘worth it’

Taking to her Instagram page, Huddah revealed that she made 49,000 USD which is an equivalent of over 5 Million Kenyan shillings.

According to Huddah, even though she has not been quite active on the platform, she has still managed to generate good income from the same.

“”I have $7,000 on only fans and I haven’t posted since June. Y’all love me.” she wrote

The Huddahcosmetics CEO also revealed that the $7000 dollars was her balance after she withdrew $42,000 from her account.

On the only fans platform where Huddah shares exclusive photos and videos believed to be ‘adult content’ money is generated from fan subscriptions and it seems like she has quite a huge following.

Initially, the Only Fans platforms was not created for adult content but due to less restrictions, creators are allowed to share more graphic content including full nudes and porn which is restricted on other platforms.

It is unclear whether Huddah has been posting any of these as some of her subscribers earlier claimed that she only posts steamy bikini photos.

Despite being criticized for asking people to pay to view her steamy photos, Huddah implied that she was not embarrassed by this hustle.

“Dont be embarrased of the your hustle ! When you are broke very few people will come to rescue you.” she stated

Apart from Huddah another Kenyan celebrity who is on the platform is Vera Sidika who recently said she is done being a socialite.

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