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Ex-Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko Pens an Emotional Letter to 16-Year-Old Self

by Samora Samorai

Former Kiss 100 presenter Caroline Mutuko on Sunday, September 13, Mutoko penned an emotional letter to her 16-year-old self.
In her letter Mutoko opened up on her struggles with confidence during her teenage years hoping that she would inspire the younger generation with her story.

The renowned radio presenter detailed on how she struggled with confidence as she had an introverted personality when she was a teenager.
“The introvert that you are will find rhythm and life in a world that constantly “on” – on radio, on-screen and in magazines.

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“Stop shaking your head. I know you don’t feel like you have the confidence to do any of these things right now but you will and you will excel at it,” Mutoko stated.
The former Capital FM presenter further stated that in some time in her life she felt uncomfortable with her body, but she later learned to appreciate herself.

“Let’s deal with the reason you still will not dress in the changing room at swimming practice and still run to the toilet. You have neither the curves nor the bust your classmates have and worse still, the little show of bust you have is false advertising. Imagine if they found out you stuffed your bra?”
“Trust me when I say your body will fill out beautifully, and your bust will hold its own way into your 40s. You are a late bloomer in many ways and in many things and this in itself is your “superpower”. You have staying power. Stay the course, stay true to you,” she added.

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