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Eddy Kimani Returning To Your Silver Screens Soon

by QMG

John Sibi-Okumu (JSO), Eddy Kimani, and Shiviske Shivisi are set to star in ‘The Schemer’, a mystery thriller scheduled to release later this year.

The film by Dots Village Entertainment is set in Kitale and Kapenguria and is co-written by Kenyan filmmaker Peter Pages Bwire and Ugandan-American writer Nicole Magabo Kiggundu.

Bwire is also producing the project alongside Indian creative producer Shristi Goswami. ‘The Schemer’ follows the tale of an enigmatic antique trader played by John Sibi-Okumu who goes missing for three decades after hiding his last box of treasure, the Alpha Pack, somewhere unknown in Kitale Town.

Pockets of influential people fight over the missing box as his family inevitably gets dragged into the thick of things. What follows is a series of unexpected events and encounters that pushes the otherwise idle town into action.

The film will be Bwire’s directorial debut and he describes the thriller as a plot-driven fiction story, a genre film with bits of factual events.

“The film is written to reflect the cultural, racial and environmental heritage of Trans-Nzoia county,” Bwire said, referring to the diversity of the characters his story is deeply rooted in.

Bwire adds, “It is a huge honour to welcome these immensely talented actors to the project and I am very excited about this journey. They will bring the much-needed on-screen magic that will elevate this film in ways that audiences will enjoy both locally and internationally.”

Additional casting roles will be concluded imminently as the film seeks to close financing deals before production.

Peter Bwire has vast experience in the film industry and previously worked as film production designer and producer in local short films, notably as a production designer in ‘Angles of My Face’ (2015) which won best East African Short film at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

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