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Diamond’s Wasafi FM Forced To Wait Patiently For Ban To End

by Samora Samorai

Unlike what we are used to in Kenya, Diamond’s Wasafi FM has seized all operations for seven days after being banned by the government late last week.

The station was banned on Septmber 11 by Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority for seven days for violating communication regulations and airing offensive language.

The radio station has been offline and has stopped even running its social media channels until it resumes.

In a statement released hours after the ban, Wasafi FM apologized and promised to stay silent till then.

“In line with the TCRA directive, the management of Wasafi FM would like to apologize to TCRA and Tanzanians for using inappropriate language in our shows ‘Switch’ and ‘Mashamsham’ in violation of the communications act. We humbly accept the penalty from TCRA and sincerely apologize. We will also be going off-air until September 18,” said the radio station on social media before going mute.

This is highly unlikely since it would have probably turned into a cat and mouse chase were it in Kenya.

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