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Cashy Continues To Torch OG: All He Does Is Ask For Baby Pics

by QMG

Cashy just wants her baby Xolani to have an insurance cover and for that she’s willing to do almost everything.

Throughout the weekend, the rapper has been calling out her baby daddy Khaligraph Jones for allegedly neglecting her kid. Apparently, the two have a kid and neither party has ever spoken up about it.

“I have been quietly handling the matter for almost a year now but it’s getting stalled more and more, yet the kid needs support. After we broke up, I didn’t talk about the paternity of my child as I wanted to keep the matter private, because I felt the media would twist the story,” says Cashy.

She went on to say that Jones has always consistently asked for the kid’s photos but has never bothered to be in his life as much.

“I sent him a demand letter. He knew (the baby is his) because we were together when I was pregnant. He’s been asking for the baby’s pictures, talking to my parents but does nothing for our child. Meanwhile, he’s trying to paint this picture that he’s a good dad on social media yet he’s not taking care of our son at all. Because of this culture of blocking my number and speaking to me when he feels like, I opted to seek justice for our son through the legal system,” says Cashy.

Cashy also denied she’s just trying to be malicious.

“It’s not about being malicious but fighting for the child’s rights. I’ve been consulting lawyers and talking to people on social media who have been very helpful. They have been giving me advice and contacts and to lawyers and organizations dealing with children’s rights.” she added.

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