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Carol Radul’s Philanthropic Gesture Towards Conjestina Impresses Kenyans

by Keta

Celebrated sports journalist Carol Radul has impressed Kenyans after her latest gesture towards veteran boxer Conjestina Achieng.

Radul who is today celebrating her birthday revealed that all she wanted as a gift on her special day is for people to offer financial support to Conjestina who has been struggling with a health condition and financial constraints.

Even though Conjestina’s rehab fees was already catered for, the media personality called upon Kenyans to send in their contributions which will be submitted to the former boxing champion as a gift.

According to Radul, she felt the need to do things differently in this year’s birthday as she reflected how she spent her previous birthday in bed after undergoing surgery.

Last year I spent my birthday in bed. I had had surgery on my sinuses on the 12th of September and I was still in recovery. But I was surrounded by family and so much love. So it was still pretty special.” she stated

Radul also added that one of her biggest lessons this year is the value towards her health.

“If we all learned something this year; it’s that our health is not something we can take for granted. So I am grateful to God that I get to see this day and that I am healthy and strong.”she wrote

This move comes weeks after Radul paid a visit to Conjestina’s rural home and called upon Kenyans to support her and help her revive her career. This later prompted NACADA to take action by admitting her to a rehabilitation center.

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