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Before and After Photos Of Kenyan Transwoman Who Spent 1.7 Million On Cosmetic Surgery

by Wendy Chembe

Homosexuality is yet to be embraced in the Kenyan circles as it still remains illegal in the country. However we have heard narratives of homosexual or transgender Kenyans who sought refuge abroad and are living their lives with no judgement or restrictions in regard to their sexuality.

Not so many are bold enough to share their story yet several have come out to confidently share their narrative possibly to create awareness, debunk perceptions that people have about them so advocate for the same.

Recently a Kenyan transwoman based in Canada was open enough to share her journey and gave a detailed narration of her career as well as her transformation journey.

Khloe Koko was born and raised in Kenya before crossing the borders to embark on her career journey. The flamboyant businesswoman says she never faced any form of discrimation over her sexuality since her friends were supportive and understood her.

“I was just one of those lucky people who never got discriminated in Nairobi. I had good friends’ people who understood who I am.” She revealed in an interview with Shaffie Weru

She however added that it took time before her family members accepeted her for who she was. In a rather shocking revelation, she mentioned of homosexual politicians and even celebrities who are yet to come out because they fear facing criticism.

Transformation journey

Khloe did not change her outlook until she was out of the country but it seemed pretty clear to her that she was more inclined to the feminine personality.

“For me, I never for one day felt like I was a guy, my thinking, my actions… I was in a wrong body and could not take it anymore being a guy” she stated

The middle aged transwoman also revealed that it cost her millions to go through surgery that would see her gain more feminine features.

Khloe parted with 16,000 US dollars (approximately Ksh1.7 M) for the surgery and she affirms that it was indeed worth it.

“When I look at myself, I feel this is how I am supposed to look. I have no regrets. My heart, my soul is at peace” she said

Dating life

Khloe once found herself in trouble after making out with a male student in highschool and she was later suspended from school.

She also revealed how some men in Kenya get married just to cover up their homosexual behaviour. To prove these claims she confesses that she once dated a married man although this did not last.

Currently, Khloe is in a relationship with a man believed to be Nigerian and has been posting their cosy photos allover social media.

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Her advice to other gay people who want to come out is that they should never rush it and be patient with the process since they are at risk of being disowned or ending up in the streets; if their families are not liberal or understanding.

Check out photos before and after her transformation

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