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‘Auntie Wa Harrier’ Comedian Forgives Uncles Who Molested Her

by Samora Samorai

Comedienne Brendah Jons of the famous ‘Plesident Kingston’ anime has come out to reveal that she’s learning to forgive two relatives who molested her while growing up.

According to the popular comedian who is also behind “Auntie Wa Harrier’ series, she has forgiven them but is not talking to them. She was speaking in a sit down with Carolina Carlz where she revisited how the two relatives raped her.

 “I can’t really say I have come to 100% forgiveness. I can only say I have accepted, he did it and there is nothing I can do about it. I am bitter, I don’t like him, actually those two, both my uncles. We don’t have a relationship whatsoever, I don’t think we ever will but I guess with time I will grow to forgive,” she said in the interview.

Comedian Brendah Jons Tells How Relatives Sexually Harassed Her -

The confession comes almost a year since she first opened up about the rape saying that she was molested twice; when five years and when 19.

At the time of the first harrowing ordeal, she was five-years-old and living with her grandmother as her mother worked abroad.

“I have been a rape victim before, twice, and sexually assaulted once. I was five when it first happened, and he would do it continually. He would actually threaten me that ‘if you say anything, I will kill you’. When I was 12, my aunt’s husband did it again. This time it was a bit violent because he stuffed socks in my mouth and dared me, ‘you tell them now and let us see what they will do’. He was a praise and worship leader and I am surprised that I am in the church right now,” she narrated last year.

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