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5 Subtle Signs Your Partner is the Jealous Type

by Mbaire

Having a partner who is jealous and a little possessive is understandable because this trait is important for relationship as it always spices things up.

We all want someone who shows a little care and concern but how do we tell when it’s too much?

Some people will think otherwise but jealousy is a part of every relationship. However, there is a huge difference between being in a fit of healthy and unhealthy jealousy.

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Here are red flags to watch out if you guess your partner could be the jealous type:

He/She doesn’t allow you to have secrets

Some partners don’t understand that is normal for you to share your thoughts, but it is also normal if you want to keep some things for yourself.

You see, even when you are in a relationship with someone, that doesn’t mean that you’ve ceased to exist as a person.

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Don’t allow yourself to be with a person who is extremely inquisitive and especially when you notice he gets frustrated when he doesn’t have access to every detail regarding you. Run!

Tries to control your every move

Is there a time when your partner wants to be involved in every decision-making process and will not accept if the two of you disagree? Then he is manipulative.

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A jealous partner will try to interfere in every single aspect of your life. Everything in your life has to be his way and if it is not, then he starts a fight.

He is Stalking You

If you keep meeting up with your partner coincidentally and in so many scenarios, this could mean he knows your habits. He knows where he can find you and has also been stalking you. Your partner wants to make sure you are not doing anything he doesn’t want you to do.

He is Always in Your Space

Ever thought of going somewhere without your partner, then he/she tags along without even being invited? Quite annoying right?

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A jealous partner will have you feeling annoyed and once you tell him that his behaviour is making you uncomfortable, he immediately accuses you of feeling that he is only a burden to you and that you are hiding something.

Always wants to be informed of your whereabouts

Does your partner get mad if you don’t text him the second you wake up? Has your partner asked to know about every single move you make during the day? Well, he is the jealous type.

It is great if a guy you are seeing is interested in how your day has been, but it is something else if you can’t take a proper breath without him having to know about it.

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