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5 Major Texting Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

by Mbaire

Let’s all agree, communication is very essential when expressing yourself.

If it’s done the right way, messages will be well understood meaningless arguments.

We have all received a ‘K’ as a response via text nothing gives more anxiety than that one letter. This is one example of the many texting habits that we keep repeating, some which are offensive especially when starting a new relationship.

Here are some texting behaviors you should never ignore:

Late Night Texting

This a little obvious, if your partner only texts you at night, this can only men one thing, you don’t mean much to him. Ask yourself where was he the whole day?

Teenagers' sleep quality and mental health at risk over late-night mobile  phone use

Sometimes these late-night conversations are only limited to ‘Could you come over I am bored’ Stay woke Sis!

He Never Texts First

No matter what relationship we have, we always appreciate some little effort. If you are always the one texting first, run sis! This only shows that it’s a one-sided conversation meaning the relationship too is one sided.

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Uses One word Answers

Who even does that in this time and age? It’s either two things are happening here; he is not that into you, or he doesn’t know how to hold such a conversation. If you are certain about the nature of your relationship, then he’s probably busy.

Takes Forever to Respond

We are at a time in our lives when our phones are literally the gadget we cannot function without. When someone says he missed your text, it’s either he is so busy that making time for you is never his priority.

close up on young black african business man texting message with his  mobile phone by dream_one

Always sends/ Asks for Nudes

This is such a deal-breaker especially when the relationship is still in its initial stages. Like calm down, I don’t even know you that well. It’s always good to spice up the sex life with a little sexting but this only works if sex life in the first place.

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