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5 Clear Signs You are The Side Piece

by Mbaire

I know so many of us have been in situations where we were either the girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or in other scenarios, a girl with benefits.

It can get hard sometimes, to say when a guy you’re seeing considers you ‘officially his’ because he could be everything you ever wanted and still label you as his half-girlfriend (without even knowing it).

So how do you tell if you are the side piece? Watch out for these signs:

He introduces you as ‘his date’ to other people

When his friends come around, and an introduction is made, you are neither his friend nor his girlfriend. So where does that leave you?

Are opposite-sex friends okay if you are in a committed relationship?

Instead, he introduces you as ‘his date’. He also doesn’t want others thinking that you’re not together but he also doesn’t want them to think you’re officially together. Total confusion indeed.

Conversations about the future are pretty vague

Maybe the two of you have talked about the future but only on a lighter note. When you’re officially in a relationship with someone, talking about the future should come naturally, and if the plans are different then it should be communicated. 

couple date love couple-watch-wedding-video - The Trent

He insists on taking things slow

Your boyfriend meets all the qualities you have wanted in a man, he is caring, goes the extra mile, you name it. Even with all these qualities, his only downside is he hasn’t officially made you his girlfriend.

The Respect Issue in Black Relationships - Negromanosphere

Maybe you should be a little patient as you are on the way to becoming his full-girlfriend (if everything goes well, of course), so there’s no really need to panic just yet.

He says he’s not ready for a relationship

Has your man ever hinted to you that he is not ready for a relationship yet? Either through actions or otherwise? If yes, there could be many reasons why. Either he’s still not over his ex-girlfriend or he’s really unsure about what he really wants but he doesn’t want to ruin what he has with you.

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