Tanasha Donna’s Lacklustre EP Launch That Heralded Her Break Up


While Tanasha Donna may be Diamond’s latest woman and baby’s mother,her Donnatella EP launch a few months ago left a lot be desired. The Sarit Centre-held launch has been subject to immense scrutiny from fans and the media alike. Critics did not hold back on calling her out on a supposed mediocre vocal ability either. Ever since,everything else that happened seemed to suggest an impending break up.

Diamond A No-Show At Launch
The day before the launch,Diamond jetted in and even made his way to the press conference. This was a tell-tale sign that he had his baby’s mother’s back and was rooting for her all the way. In a bizarre twist of things,he was a no-show at the launch. This sparked colossal buzz and raised questions as regards what exactly ensued for him to miss the launch. Predictably,many a folk did not buy into the rather vague assertion that something came up back in his native Tanzania and he had no choice but bail out on his significant other’s launch albeit halfheartedly.

As if this is not enough,it is a no-brainer that he has not been as supportive as you would expect when it comes to his partner’s music efforts. Save for the one minimalist social media post,he has had no notable backing,taking into account the insurmountable music influence he has the continent over. Is he that he is not actually of the idea that his partner take on a music career? Does he just not like her music? Besides,his Wasafi record label has not been of any help to her career.

Underwhelming Launch-Cum-Listening Party
The launch held Friday at the Sarit Centre Expo Centre drew criticism. The invite-only affair had a few personalities in attendance and a few sponsors on board. A lacklustre launch would aptly befit the launch given the pretty much non-existent media coverage. To top it all off,revellers went expecting a possible performance from the lovebirds.

Seeing as the launch heralded the afterparty,the low spirits may well have spilled over to the latter. Sources intimate that Donna and her female entourage first headed to Kiambu Road’s renowned Whiskey River,while the other party goers checked into Blend,Mombasa Road. She reportedly joined them later in the night. Attempts to get her to clear the air have been pretty much futile as she is adamant that it is out of pure malice.


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