Relevancy Bites Back as Harmonize Album Faces Deletion


Since his nasty departure from WCB, we can conclude that it was a bold move in deciding to go independent and also paying off the debt that was put on him from his contract.

His first release was definitely a crowd pleaser, Uno but after a short while it was pulled down from all music platform due to the fact of sampling from “Dundaing by Magix Enga ft King Kaka”.

Harmonize – Uno

Later it will come back to get re-uploaded and continue rulling the waves. But it seems, either his management is not actually up to per with the repurcations that can occur in the music scene in some events happening or they are just playing him bad which is actually bad for business.

Harmonize during Afro East Album launch

Fresh from releasing a complete 18 track album dubbed Afro East on 14th March 2020, Konde boy now faces the same fate as controversy rocked his ship again due to the controversy of a number of sampled tracks from existing songs in his album. His song “I miss you” is a sample of Q-Chilla’s song “Nikilala”, “Die featuring Khaligraph Jones” is a sample of “Sweetest Girl by Akon ft Lil Wayne and Niia”also going as far as “Your body featuring Burna Boy” coming off from the late Papa Wemba’s hit track “Show me the way”.

Afro East Album by Harmonize

Streaming platforms have since gone ahead and put down the album, from Tidal, Yandex and Deezer.

Is he getting a raw deal from his management or was he over his head when he thought he had figured the music industry out? Well it seems its not always about having the voice but rather a whole army from the producer to make tracks for you, writing down lyrics and also a good management to offer important and crucial advice about one’s career.


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