Of Ephy Saint And Brenda Wairimu’s Whirlwind Romance


It has been utterly tell-tale that Ephy Saint and baby mama Chantelle are not exactly the best of friends. Ever since the two parted ways,it has been borderline social media drags and verbal altercations galore. The photographer-cum-actor and a little known Chantelle at the time looked like the it-couple before it all turned ugly. What started out as somewhat of a fairy tale pregnancy that Ephy would showcase his shrewd photography skills with later became subject to a myriad back and forth between the two.

Grapevine had it that Ephy neglected Chantelle when she was heavily expectant,that admittedly drove her to depression. When reached for comment,the actor responded with a cryptic message that when paraphrased suggests that he has no explanation to do. Perhaps after thinking things over,he sent the source screenshots to prove that he was in dire straits in his quest to see his
daughter,but his efforts came to no fruition.

Enter Brenda Wairimu. After the actress and her ex-boyfriend and baby’s father Juliani downplayed
that they were no longer an item,it did not take too long before it was apparent that they were estranged. Not too long after,the Monica series premiered. Ephy and Brenda Wairimu play the roles of Mariga and Monica respectively,a loved-up couple hell-bent in going on a love journey. Whether the grave on-screen chemistry brushed off on them or just mere coincidence,the two are rumored to have solidified the romance they flaunt on the screen and went on to be an item. According to a source who demanded anonymity-at least according to YouTube Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories. The two have posted pictures or given sneak peeks of them frolicking on the beach.

The flirtatious comments on Instagram have also spoken volumes on a likely fling between the two. In retrospect,the source seemed to intimate that Brenda Wairimu is to blame for Chantelle Petit and Ephy Saint parting ways and not seeing eye to eye. After Obare plastered the screenshots for all to see,it appears Chantelle caught wind gave a response: “I participated in a very messy social media drag last year and made a decision afterwards not to do it again. For the sake of my baby in the future. I maintain my stance. It’s so easy to get dragged down by desperate attempts to prove righteousness on social media. I will not participate in back & forth again otherwise I remain in the same cycle of abuse that I’ve been trying to run away from since 2018. ” By the time we went to press,Brenda remains tight-lipped on whether or not she is a bona-fide homewrecker.


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