Netizen Shutdown For Jumping into Conclusion


We as kenyans have notoriously been overly confident when it comes to attacking and drawing conclusions on a daily to peoples’ lives. Kamene Goro was the latest victim as she was attacked for allegedly being a lesbian when she posted a picture with her sister.

The highly rated radio presenter who has always been leaving men thirst over her with her charming looks showed us that good looks really run in their family, with her sister, Natasha Goro not being an exception to it.

Kamene Goro and her sister Natasha

Kamene has put her mark on the morning breakfast show in the kenyan radio waves since joining Kiss100 FM from NRG radio with her counterpart Andrew Kibe who have chemistry without doubt.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Kamene, turning 28 this year and still believed to be single despite her popularity and misdemeanor behavior in the social life.


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