Kriss Darlin Breaks Records on Facebook Live with the Kenyan Diaspora for Sanitizers in Kibra


Reggae DJ and MC Kriss Darling last night made the largest Kenyan audience on a Facebook live by any Kenyan DJ while raising money to buy hand sanitizers for Kibra. With an amazing 28,000 impressions within the 2 hours he was live, Kriss definitely made a mark.

The Kenya diaspora has been inviting DJs on a group organized by one of the DJs in the diaspora, Frank Wesonga, aka DJ Franq. They have had a daily rotation of DJs both living in the diaspora and at home in Kenya. Formed just a few days ago, the group has attracted a huge membership especially Kenyans living in the diaspora.

The main objective of the group has been to keep Kenyans entertained amid the quarantine in most of the countries and bring guys together during this tough time. Most of the DJs on the list have been getting donations to support their upkeep from the audience and when Kriss went live, he said he wanted to raise money to buy sanitizers for Kibra.

We shall be doing an update later in the day to inform on how much was raised and maybe even join Kriss in delivering sanitizers in Kibra.


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