Are Secular Artists Overtaking Gospel Artists in their own Game?


Recently there has been a debate that is usually non ending where the “known” to be gospel artists are no longer preaching the gospel as it were before but rather just ranting words trying to be relevance while incorporating scenes that make them be judged unlike the secular artists who sometimes sit down and decide to give thanks to God who is enabling them in their own individual encounters in day to day lives.

For starters it was Willy Paul who seemed to be dragging the gospel industry astray with collaborations with secular artists in secular songs to the point where word has it he was banished from the gospel industry and now a full time ‘sinner’. Right close to him was everyone’s favorite singer Bahati who seems to be closely following suit to his mere nemesis as his collaborations with Boondocks Gang, Ethic and The Kansoul are somewhat never going to get the gospel artistry recognition.

Highly criticized gengetone artists, Sailors – Jesu ni Mwathani and most recently one guy who has outdone himself and out of his comfort zone has proven that his individual talent is just as much as the fellow musicians in groups doing the same genre, Zero Sufuri with Bwana wa Mabwana. A song just from listening to it for the first time you will be able to sing along due to him invoking common choruses in it that we are all familiar with. Maybe the whole industry has been getting it wrong and musicians should just be let free.


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