Tanasha Donna Mocked Over Horrible Singing at Her EP Launch


Diamond Platnumz’ bae Tanasha Donna Oketch has become the butt for all jokes after failing to live up to her fans’ expectations during the launch of her EP dubbed Donatella at the Sarit Centre Expo on January 31.

According to those who attended the highly-publicized function, Tanasha’s live performance was horrible and it could have been worse if she was on stage without her band.

Others claimed that her voice was high-pitched and that the former radio presenter went off key in number of occasions, adding that it seemed like she had stage fright.

Tanasha Donna Oketch

Fans were left wondering if her terrible singing was the reason why Diamond missed the event despite arriving in the country hours before it started.

Those who felt aggrieved took to different social media platforms to pour out their frustrations and claimed that she had no excuse because she knew the event was around the corner and had many days to practice.

However, Tanasha came out to defend herself hours later stating that she would get better with time but her fans wanted to hear none of it.

“Could be better, but for a first with only 2 days rehearsals, I did my best. I know next time I’ll keep getting better,” she wrote.


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