Kenyans Gang Up Against Ringtone After Comparing Himself to Jay Z


Gospel singer Ringtone Alex Apoko was ridiculed on Monday after comparing himself with popular American rapper Shawn Corey Carter, alias Jay Z.

This was after the Talanta hitmaker shared a side by side photo of himself and Jay Z donning what appeared to be the same blazer, only that it was not.

Ringtone, who was dressed in a pink blazer and white rugged jeans, alluded that he and the 50-year-old billionaire, who wore a mauve suit and a white shirt, shopped at the same store.

The photo that Ringtone posted.

“Birds from same feathers shop at the same shop, ask Jay Z. My friends the son of God is on top not below, ahead not behind,” he wrote.

Netizens started trolling him as soon as the post went up. While some made fun of his attire, others wondered where how he could compare himself to a man who is reportedly worth 1 billion dollars.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Rangi hatukatai lakini Material ndio tofauti,” wrote Mulamwah.

“Are you really serious you compere your self with Jay Z. God have mercy on us,” commented Madolah.

“Yako inakaa ya githurai na sio chuki,” Zady Thuo posted.

“Looks like Jay Z before and after fame,” Papa Africa remarked.

“Where does God come in?” Turis asked.



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