Capital FM’s Pathetic Ridicule of Conservationist Paula Kahumbu


Party goers and fans of Capital FM might not be too happy with me after this post but this post is not about Koroga Festival or the case compelling them to change the venue for the 29th edition of Koroga Festival from Hell’s Gate in Naivasha, citing he pollution of the park. This post is indeed about the reaction to their win when the case was thrown out by a Nakuru environmental court.

A headline on Capital FM’s news website read “To Hell with Kahumbu…”, a middle finger to conservationist Paula Kahumbu who had filed two cases looking to stop the Safari Rally and Koroga Festival from taking place at Hell’s Gate National Park.

The court made it’s judgement, informed by provided guidelines, I suppose. Paula may not have succeeded in the efforts to protect massive pollution of the park by revelers and party goers associated with the two events, but she had a point and a good cause. For the management and editorial teams at Capital FM to allow such ridicule after their win shows how low the organization can go. It is not only childish but careless to publish such a story, or rather to phrase it as they did.

Their win on the story does not change the fact that they are going to leave the park worse, that they are going to pollute the environment with noise, litter and mess with the natural habitat of the park. There is a reason why parks are secluded areas that allow animals to live freely in their most natural setting.

Kenya has in the recent years seen the extinction of various species of wildlife including the last known male white rhino. It is this kind of attitude towards the environment that contributes to such.

To Paula, do not rest. Work on a change of policy and push it to the relevant channels because while the law may not support your cause right now, you have valid points that should be enforced by the law. Also, the fact that such a major organization in this country could go so low to celebrate such a small wicked win is a show that your efforts are felt and that they did not even expect the win. Move forward, fight to change the policy!


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