Bahati Finally Reveals Why He Ordered For Peter Blessing’s Arrest (Video)


Award-winning gospel singer Kevin Bahati has finally revealed what caused a fallout between him and his protege Peter Blessing.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the Sakata hitmaker explained that he decided to help Blessing after pleas from Weezdom and his friends as he often camped at EMB Records gates.

Peter Blessing

At the time, Blessing was working as a watchman. However, when Bahati realized that he was a great singer he decided to help him advance his career.

He later visited his parents in Taita Taveta and told them that he wanted to take Blessing back to school as he had dropped out in Form 3.

Bahati went on to explain that he spent Ksh 300,000 and forgot about his other engagements, including his own music, to push Blessing’s career.

He revealed that fame got into the young artist’s head so much so that he could not heed advice from anyone, even his handlers. To add to that, he refused to go back to school as he had earlier agreed.

Peter Blessing, Bahati and Weezdom

However, the tipping point for Bahati was the many women that were always visiting Blessing’s house. He decided to talk to him because he was afraid they would ruin his career with scandals.

After several complaints from EMB Records management, Bahati reached out to Blessing’s parents and asked them to talk to him.

He gave the young artist Ksh 3,000 and for transport asked him to go home. However, Blessing later claimed that the money payment for a show. He also didn’t travel to their home in Taita Taveta.

Blessing’s mother also reportedly told Bahati not to worry about his son because he is a grown man who was capable of make his own decisions.

Bahati called Blessing for a meeting to try and reach an amicable solution and when they failed to reach an agreement, he decided to take action since he had already invested Ksh 2,000,000 in the artist.

Watch the video below:


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