Akothee Furious Over False Reports Of Daughter’s Tragic Accident


Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, has expressed her displeasure over a story that was published by a local blog claiming that her daughter – Rue – and MCA Tricky had been involved in a tragic road accident.

Taking to social media, the mother of five wondered why someone would wish her children bad lack and run such a story without verifying it.

Akothee went on to add that she was really worried because she had called her daughter several times to confirm is she was okay but she didn’t pick because she was attending a lecture at the time.

A screenshot of the fake story that was published by a local blog

Further, the Abebo hitmaker revealed that she would be laughing all the way to the bank this year because she is going to seek legal redress against people who publish such malicious stories.

“Now I know we have dogs instead of human beings, what the fuck, may what you wish others be your cup of tea.

“These fake bloggers I will bank lots of your money this year, just continue ranting for likes and comments, idiots, I will catch up with you in a few,” she wrote.

Rue Baby and MCA Tricky


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