Upcoming Artists Table Hard Evidence to Prove Ethic Stole Their Song


Ethic Entertainment, the group that burst into the limelight after releasing Lamba Lolo in 2018 is under the spotlight once again.

This time around, some upcoming artists who are members of Stoic Gang are pointing an accusing finger at them saying that they stole their song dubbed Isetti.

According to Stoic Gang, Ethic Entertainment stole the beats for their song as well as the lyrics, polished it and renamed the song Soko before releasing in on January 23.

Apparently, one of the members of the upcoming group tried reached out to Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice and asked him whey their copied their song but he poked fun at him.

Speaking to a local tabloid, Ethic Entertainment’s management denied the claims and revealed that their song was produced in May 2019.

He told off Stoic Gang and revealed that they bought the beat for Soko from a Spanish producer known as Camebeats. Further, the threatened to seek legal action against them.

“Maybe the song was leaked to them and they were told to re-do it. If they claim it’s their song, I have a right to sue them for copyright infringement.

“The original owner of the beat is Camebeats, a music producer from spain. We bought the master rights to that song. If they have an issue let them come to me,” he explained.

Anyway, listen to both songs below and be the judge.


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