Reason Behind Stivo Simple Boy’s Arrest Revealed


It is now emerging that Steven Otieno, popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy and famed for hits such as; Inauma, Uhalifu and Mihadarati, spent the weekend behind bars.

According to a local tabloid, the singer’s friend identified as Gideon Ngaira apprehended and taken to Kilimani Police Station.

At the time, Stivo Simple Boy was shooting a music video and upon learning of what had happened to his friend, he decided to visit the station to see whether he could negotiate his release.

Stivo Simple Boy

However, things didn’t go as planned. Upon his arrival, the officers who were manning the station poked fun at him and claimed he thought he knew the law better than them.

It is then that they decided to throw him into the cells. In a surprising turn of events, his friend Gideon was released moments later.

Stivo Simple Boy was detained alongside Geoffery Ochieng, Simon Sikote, Eric Mutunga and Phillip Oyoo. The four will be arrainged in court on Monday, January 27.

Idling and causing disturbance are some of the charges that will be levelled against them when they appear before a judge.


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